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The Standard 4x5 2.0 - Assembled

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This is a fully assembled 4x5. If you're looking for our DIY KIT, you can find it HERE.

Whether you’re brand new to large format or have been shooting for years, there is plenty to love about The Standard 4×5. It is a simple 4×5 with the features photographers need most. With anodized aluminum, Carbon Fiber, and 3D printed parts, the camera is lightweight and durable while maintaining the rigidity and movements you would expect from a large format camera. The camera body can quickly detach from the rail, making it compact and easy to transport. Its compatibility with various film and Graflok backs allow you to explore shooting smaller formats, polaroid, and more.

The camera is designed with upgrades and modifications in mind – it is segmented into several sections that can be independently altered without affecting the entire system. This also means that repairs are quick and easy. So the next time your kid uses your camera for their science fair project (it’s a volcano), you won’t need a brand new camera.

Our black bellows are constructed in-house with durable, water-resistant nylon and synthetic materials. They have a draw from 70 to 300 mm. The bellows are an independent component of the camera that can be swapped or replaced using only a 2.5mm hex key.

Technical Specifications:

Compatible Lensboard:   Linhof style lensboards
Max Front Tilt & Swing:   +/- 45°
Max Rear Swing:   +/- 45°
Front Shift:   +/- 32mm
Front Rise/Fall:   36mm Up / 45mm Down
Rear Shift:   +/- 55mm
Weight:   2.25 lbs (1kg)