The Standard 4×5 initially began as a personal project. In 2014, founder Drew Nikonowicz was uncertain if he would be able to afford his own 4×5 camera and equipment upon graduation. Through the remainder of his time at the University of Missouri’s School of Visual Studies, Drew began 3D printing parts for a homemade 4×5 (seen here). He was encouraged when professors and colleagues took interest in the work, leading him to grow it into what is now Standard Cameras. By utilizing 3D printing, he was able to design parts quickly and cheaply without sacrificing quality. In addition, The Standard 4×5 is available as a download, allowing folks with 3D printer access to build their own from scratch.

Large format photography is an important part of any photo education – formal or informal. Compared to smaller formats, the unique quality of large format processes force you to slow down and focus on each image in a radically different way. This structural shift in the image-making process will change the way you approach photography for the better.

As art and photography graduates, we have seen firsthand how access to quality equipment and resources can affect students and educators. Without the proper working equipment, it is impossible to truly experience a thorough and meaningful education. We would like to be part of the solution, so we offer a 15% educational discount. Our goal is to equip photographers with the tools and the knowledge they need to be the best image-makers possible. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest developments.

This is the Standard Cameras Team: Drew and India. Please keep this in mind when reaching out - Standard Cameras is completely run by just the two of us (with a little help from our 3D printers). Thanks in advance for supporting small business with your purchases!