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Pinhole Lens 3.0 - Download

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If you own a 3D printer, you can build your own Pinhole Lens from scratch! This downloadable pack includes three .stl files and information needed to build the Pinhole Lens mk3. This pinhole lens can be used with your Standard 4x5 and some other cameras which take a linhof style lensboard.

Pinhole lenses are a fantastic way to get into large format photography without committing hundreds of dollars towards a lens with glass. They are simple to use and in design, and the images they create have a unique aesthetic. Perfect for anyone looking to shake their work up and/or get the basics of 4x5 photography down before going further.

To calculate your aperture or f number with a pinhole: you multiply your focal length by the size of the pinhole. So if you had a .5mm pinhole lens 100mm away from the ground glass, your aperture would be f200.

This download pack includes: Three .stl files, 3D printing suggestions, basic assembly advice, and a 1920x1080 wallpaper.

To complete the assembly you'll need:

m3x8 Bolts (x4)
m3 Nylon Lock Nuts (x4)

The full assembly can be seen here:

Again, this purchase is for a digital download. Do not purchase if you're expecting to receive a physical product.