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Standard Cameras

The Standard 4x5 - 90° Modification Kit

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Picture this:

You can see it. The best photograph of your career is right there. But a corner stands between you and your future as part of photography canon. If only you could photograph around corners. If only there was a 4x5 which allowed you to see what you cannot actually see.

Look no further! This mod for your Standard 4x5 will do exactly that. Powered by the magic of mirrors, this will allow you to look into the great beyond (around the corner) and into the future.

This download pack includes everything you need to take your Standard 4x5 2.0 and turn it into a right-turning, corner-peeking pro! More specifically it includes:

  • All the .stl files for the mirror column and modified parts
  • A Bill of Materials outlining the m3 hardware needed to complete the build
  • A 4k resolution background / photograph by Drew Nikonowicz (made with this camera!)

* - Complete this mod at your own risk! It requires you to cut your bellows in half. Standard Cameras is not responsible for any irreparable damage done to your 4x5.

Happy April Fools! 💥