Coming soon.

- 3d Printed 4x5 film camera
- Accepts linhof lens boards
- Approximately 60mm to 300mm lenses accepted
- Front Standard: Rise, Shift, Swing, Tilt
- Rear Standard: Shift, Swing
- 2.2 lbs
- Different bellows colors will be available
- $300 fully assembled at launch

For the DIY Community:
Some time after release the build plans will be made open source. This includes .stl print files, and a hardware list for non 3d printed components. The 3d printed parts have been developed specifically so that no support material is required, allowing for easier printing. More information will come later on when the plans will be released. Please be patient! :)

We are currently beta testing the camera with a select number of photographers. If this test phase is successful, we will be launching the camera in the coming months. If you have any questions about the project, we will happily talk with you about them on instagram at @standardcameras or you can email us at

The best way to find out when the camera becomes available is by signing up for our mailing list!